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    "HOOF GUY" Ergo Hoof Knife Handle "HOOF GUY" Hot Box Hoof Tite Glue - Soft Jamb
    "HOOF GUY" Ergo Hoof Knife Handle"HOOF GUY" Hot BoxHoof Tite Glue - Soft Jamb

    New lightweight ergonomic design with a variety of interchangeable blades and handle styles for every need. A knife you can "build" to suit your own comfort and unique trimming style.

    NEW design**A great way to organize your glue products and keep your glue warm for easy application. * This box will accomodate Bovi-Bond, HoofTite ,Trimmers Choice and Moo Gloo *(These are Custom Made. May be up to 1 week before shipped)

    Two Part Urethane Adhesive for High Strength Permanent Bonding. 200ml dispensing cartridge system. made in the USA by Soft Jamb Co.




    Modified Belt Sander - Model 2 Modified Belt Sander- Model 1
    Modified Belt Sander - Model 2Modified Belt Sander- Model 1SB- 1/2"x30" for Model#1

    The Ultimate Knife Sharpener for Professional Hoof Trimmers. This dual purpose machine sharpens and buffs knives for the sharpest edges possible.

    Modified belt sander for sharpening your Hoof Knives. Uses 1x 30 sanding belts.


    1/2" x 30"-Sanding belts. 400grit (Klingspor gold)

    (only available in 400 grit)




    Trimmers Choice Glue HARDWOOD BLOCKS - 7/8 INCH Thickness
    Trimmers Choice GlueHARDWOOD BLOCKS - 7/8 INCH Thickness

    Trimmers Choice is a fast-curing urethan, formulated strictly to adhere rubber and wood blocks to cow hooves. 30 Second Set Time (200ml)

    Hardwood blocks made from white Oak.  7/8 inch thick. Comes wrapped in sleeves of 10.

    Routered heels for cow comfort